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We will bring you details about where to bet, some super promotions and predictions from the industry’s leading tipsters. Our aim is to give you the best possible chance of making a healthy profit from your online gambling.

How we choose the sports for free betting tips

We take the most popular sports and closely analyse them to ensure we give you the best betting tips.
In addition to an in-depth knowledge of football, works with professionals across a variety of other sports to provide you with all you need to profit from your bets. Horse racing, golf, tennis and basketball are just some of the other sports we have links to, ensuring that punters can access top quality information throughout the year.

Whether it’s the World Cup, the NFL or the US Open golf championship, is your home for betting tips without bias.

The importance of betting tips

Before wagering on any sport it’s important for players to look for tips and guidelines on the best sites to use and where to obtain betting tips to help you make a profit.

A good sports betting site will offer odds on a variety of events, but will also provide statistics, tips and previews to allow you to make informed decisions about your bets. This information boosts your chances of making winning selections and can be equally valuable to novice or experienced punters.

Wagering without studying the form can quickly lead to losses, so doing your research before placing a bet can help you avoid mistakes.

Learn the basics

Understanding the basics of betting will give you the best chance of successfully winning the battle against the bookmakers.

Fixed odds betting is one of the most popular types of wagering, with punters knowing at the outset what their return will be. A bet offering fixed odds of 4/1 will return a profit of £4 for every £1 staked, meaning if you wager £1 on a 4/1 winner you would receive £5 including your initial stake.

There are numerous types of sports wagers, including singles, doubles or accumulators. A single is a bet including one selection, with doubles involving two selections – both of which need to win for your bet to be successful.

Accumulators involve multiple selections which can offer big returns, although these tend to be difficult to land as just one wrong pick means the bet is a loser.

Punters can access many different types of sports betting. In-play betting allows you to wager on outcomes during a live event, whilst exchange betting lets you place wagers that don’t even involve a bookmaker.

Spread betting, where a punter can bet on points margins for an event, and betting on eSports are other popular choices.

Choosing the right bookmaker is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions a punter can make. You should pick a site where your personal details are kept 100% secure and that offers reliable deposit and withdrawal options.

Managing your bankroll is crucial to betting successfully and ensures you always gamble responsibly. When applied properly, it allows you to bet within your means and prevents you from risking money you can’t afford to lose.

Professional gamblers put a maximum of just 2% of their bankroll on each event, which significantly lowers their risk.

Increase your sports betting vocabulary

Understanding betting terminology can help you make better decisions when wagering.

There are hundreds of betting terms to master, but learning the ones relating to odds and placing bets should be a punter’s first port of call. For instance, in a match involving two teams, it can be useful to know the difference between odds of 13/8 and 7/4 when trying to work out who is the favourite to win.

Understanding terms such as “each-way” and how it works for particular markets can also help you make a profit. There is often value to be found in “each-way” or “place” bets and betting that way improves your chances of securing a return on your outlay.

Set realistic sports betting goals

Knowing what you want from sports betting is a consideration overlooked by many gamblers. Whether you’re hoping to supplement your income or simply looking for additional entertainment, knowing the reasons behind your sports betting is important.

As we mentioned earlier, managing your bankroll properly should be a priority, ensuring you never risk more than you can afford to lose.

Studying the form and searching for the best odds on should be central to your betting, today and every day, boosting your chances of achieving your goals. Once you’ve decided what your sports betting goals are, stay disciplined to minimise the possibility of losing.

Being realistic about what you want to achieve from sports betting will increase your enjoyment from your wagering.

Be focused

There are thousands of events taking place across the world every day. If you concentrate on sports you’re familiar with, you will have a better chance of picking winners. People can be experts in World Cup football but know little about La Liga, so stick to what you know.

Sometimes you may look at an event and think it’s too difficult to make a selection. Keep your focus and remember that there’ll be other opportunities to have a bet, so don’t bet unless you’re confident in your picks.

Build a budget plan

Before placing any bets, you need to formulate a betting plan.

For example, you have £100 to bet with during a month. That would allow you to have four betting weekends of £25 each. Maintaining your discipline comes into play as there are numerous pitfalls that see many people fail to make a profit from their sports betting.

Punters often chase their losses and that leads to them deviating from the budget plan.

Get familiar with the bookies

Make sure you research bookmakers’ offers on a regular basis.

Whether it’s free bets, promotional bonuses or enhanced odds, taking advantage of these can help you boost your bankroll.

Know the odds and compare them

Knowing where the best odds are available will also ensure you maximise your potential winnings.

Some bookmakers will offer competitive odds on football, while others may favour sports such as rugby or tennis. Understanding the odds and comparing different bookmakers can be viewed in the same way as shopping in a supermarket.

If bread was £1 in one shop but £1.25 in another, you would want to buy at the cheaper price. Similarly, if a team is 2/1 to win with one bookmaker but 3/1 with a competitor, it makes sense to place your bet at the higher odds.

Understanding value

Betting value can be a difficult concept to understand. Finding value bets and solely betting on these coupled with a disciplined staking plan is the key to success.

A value bet is one where the likelihood of a given outcome is greater than odds being offered reflect. A good example is the toss of a coin. There’s a 50% chance it will land on tails. That should be priced at Evens.

If a bookmaker was offering 5/4 this would be a value bet, as the odds on offer are greater than the probability of the outcome.

Learn some easy betting strategies

There are thousands of betting strategies available on the internet, but no system is 100% bullet-proof.

Betting on short odds favourites in football or tennis has previously proven to be profitable, whilst the Fibonacci betting strategy which involves a progressive staking pattern has been known to work.

However, the most successful strategies require careful planning, discipline and patience – something many punters struggle with.

Track your bets

Make sure you track all your activity so you can see where you are most successful.

If football bets are winning but rugby wagers are eating into your profits, then stick to the sport you can see is giving the best returns. Keep an eye on your bankroll and maintain a detailed record of your betting so you can monitor trends.

Remember to follow throughout the year, as we bring you all the best sports betting information.