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About the Bundesliga

One of the most popular and well contested championships in Europe; Germany’s Bundesliga is the football league with the highest average stadium attendance worldwide. With Champions League regulars such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund it has consistently been home to some of the best players in the world.

Most Successful Bundesliga Teams

Although it is considered one of the most open football leagues, Bayern Munich have traditionally dominated and therefore feature heavily in Bundesliga betting guides – but there is much more to Bundesliga odds than just the Bavarian powerhouse.

Founded in 1962, the Bundesliga has seen 12 different champions over the years including Bayern Munich, Borussia Monchengladbach and Werder Bremen. These clubs have included the very best German internationals as well as attracting top footballers from around the world.

Famously strong fan bases have meant Bundesliga predictions are not quite as easy to make as some other leagues, as the competition has always been high with the supporters being a big part of the popularity across the world.

Latest Winners

Bayern Munich are undoubtedly the kings of German football. Any Bundesliga betting guide will feature FC Hollywood (as they are sometimes referred as) in its Bundesliga predictions – and they have won the last six championships.

What is interesting with Bundesliga predictions however, is the way the rest of the league perform against Bayern and each other. Although there are other bigger teams featuring in the Bundesliga odds, nearly every season provides a surprise team that impose themselves heavily in the race for the title.

Traditionally successful clubs such as Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Hertha Berlin are usually in the hunt for European places at least – but there are also clubs with more recent success, such as Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig, that can upset the Bundesliga odds on a regular basis.

Bundesliga Betting Predictions

Bayern Munich have made their worst start to the season in around eight years but are still leading the way in the Bundesliga betting odds for the title. With so much talent and money at their disposal the thinking is that they will get out of the ‘crisis’ they have found themselves in and go on to win the league.

But anyone familiar with Bundesliga betting will recognise that the champions have not been performing well this season and that maybe new coach Nico Kovac may end up taking the blame.

In the meantime, traditional rivals Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach have seen their Bundesliga odds slashed – and clubs like RB Leipzig, Hertha and Werder Bremen have taken advantage of the Bavarian blip.

The individual match markets are very popular with UK bettors and even with their current form, Bayern are usually favoured over anyone they play. Bundesliga odds for other matches can offer really good value as the ability for most sides to win any game can make for interesting Bundesliga betting markets at Amazing.Bet.

Bayern may still have very short Bundesliga winners odds but if their poor form continues our team’s Bundesliga predictions could come invaluable in trying to work out what is happening in Germany. This season looks like being one of the most exciting in recent years with Bayern’s traditional rivals – and newcomers alike – all recruiting well in the summer in an attempt to wrestle the Bundesliga crown from their grasp.

As Bayern are usually somewhere near the top of the table it makes sense that their strikers are also involved with the race for the Bundesliga top scorer crown. Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski was last season’s to goal grabber but the title has been shared around some of the other clubs in recent seasons.

Candidates to take over from the Polish marksman this season include Borussia Dortmund’s new Spanish signing Paco Alcacer, Borussia Monchengladbach’s Alassane Plea and Iceland international Alfred Finnbogason at Augsburg.

Bundesliga Facts

The Bundesliga has been a very competitive league – outside the Bayern Munich titles in recent years – and the new clubs that are promoted each season have consistently proved that fact. The bottom two clubs in the league are relegated each season, with the top two in Bundesliga 2 taking their place,

In 2009 the league reverted back to play off system to determine who else would either stay in the top flight or be relegated. In a division of 18 teams the side in 16th position at the end of the regular season plays the 3rd place team in Bundesliga 2 in a play off for Bundesliga status.

Due to the financial rewards of being in the top division these matches can seem very much like the English Premier League relegation battle with immense pressure on both teams to be successful. The betting odds always reflect the serious nature of the play offs and our Bundesliga predictions can be invaluable at that stage of the season.

At the other end of the table the top four clubs qualify automatically for the Champions League group stage. The fifth place club goes into Europa League group stage while the team in sixth enters the second qualifying round of the same competition. There have been eight different clubs qualifying for the Champions League in just the past three seasons, which is a good indicator of the competition in the Bundesliga.

In contrast to some of the other bigger football leagues in Europe, the clubs promoted to the Bundesliga have done very well in recent years. Hoffenheim, RB Leipzig and Freiburg have all qualified for European competition in their first season in the top flight.

In the same time period some big clubs have been relegated to Bundesliga 2 – such as Hannover and Stuttgart. The regular movement between divisions and variety of clubs competing makes the league an exciting one to watch and means that research is key if you are to find value in the Bundesliga betting markets.