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This indispensable Europa League betting guide has predictions of every match and odds comparison for every market

Europa League Odds

Find out all the best Europa League odds for each and every single match. Get ready for your Europa League betting with this great guide.


Europa League Predictions

Our team of experts provide insightful Europa League predictions on every game. Find out all you need to know before you bet.


Europa League Outright Winner

Keep right up to date with who is favourite to win the Europa League. Refreshed after each match day this outright winner tracker can really help with your Europa League betting.


Europa League Standings

As the group stage progresses make sure you know how the teams are doing so you can find all the best value Europa League odds.

About the Europa League

The Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is the second tier club competition in Europe but regularly features some of the most exciting matches on the continent. For anyone looking to get into Europa League betting this guide is just the ticket.

Europa League Teams

Although the very early qualifying rounds of the competition features some of the minnows of European football, the later rounds – including the group stage of the Europa League – has regularly been contested by the biggest clubs on the continent.

Some of the biggest names in Europe and the UK have featured in the tournament that now has a place in the following season’s Champions League as the ultimate prize – along with the prestigious trophy.

Throughout the years there have been periods of dominance by different countries, such as England in the 1970s and 80s, Italy in the 90s and more latterly Spanish clubs have been in the ascendancy.

Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla have all featured recently and if you are into Europa League betting in any way then you will want to check out the Europa League predictions we have put together here.

Latest Winners

Spanish teams have really enjoyed this competition recently and Europa League odds continue to favour sides from that country – although due to the nature of the English Premier League some of their entrants will also feature heavily.

Spanish sides have actually won six of the last nine finals with Sevilla winning three in a row from 2014 to 2016. Even though the winner qualifies for the Champions League now they can still be transferred into the Europa League if they are knocked out of the other tournament. This means that the clubs with the shortest Europa League winner odds can remain the same from season to season.

Due to their dominance, Spanish teams are popular in Europa League betting markets but English clubs also have good recent form. Smaller clubs such as Middlesbrough, Fulham and Braga have also made it to the final in last 10 years so consulting the Europa League predictions is vital to predict what will happen.

Taking note of what happens in the early group stage matches can be crucial to Europa League betting success as bettors can gain valuable insight into some of the smaller clubs who may go far – and also to check on the progress of some of the big guns.

Predictions For This Season

One of the most interesting aspects of the Europa League is that sometimes a really big club will be involved due to the competitive nature of their domestic league. Chelsea are a perfect example of a side who may have been more used to Champions League football recently but were not able to qualify and have now become favourites for the 2018/19 Europa League.

Europa League odds will always favour the bigger sides but with a gruelling group stage to manoeuvre before the later knockout rounds anything can happen.

The West Londoners might be the favourites at the moment but traditionally strong clubs such as Milan, Arsenal, Marseille, Sevilla and Lazio are all involved this season and will be looking to upset the odds and influence Europa League betting.

There are also a number of clubs from across Europe that have qualified for this competition on a regular basis over the last few years and will know how the tournament works. The confidence they will have against even the bigger sides could be very beneficial and this makes betting on the Europa League even more fascinating.

Choosing the Europa League top scorer can some sometimes be a tricky task thanks mainly to the extent of the competition and the amount of games each club plays. Romelu Lukaku, Edin Dzeko and Ciro Immobile have topped the charts in recent seasons but if Radamel Falcao’s Monaco get transferred over from the Champions League, Europa League betting fans might want to take note. He has been top goal scorer on two separate occasions and once scored 17 goals in a single season.

Europa League Facts

The Europa League was in essence a rebrand of the old UEFA Cup that began in 1971 and it has become a highly competitive tournament featuring some of the best players in Europe.

It has gone through various different formats in its time but now has a clear qualifying rounds, group stage, knockout stage route to the final.

Depending on the standard of a domestic league, champions or some of the top sides in each nation’s league will qualify for the competition and then become well known by anyone interested in Europa League betting.

Once the tournament reaches the group stage there will be 48 teams competing with 24 of them qualifying for the next round where a further eight clubs who have finished third in their Champions League groups will join.

By the time the knockout stage starts the clubs on show are very well known and our experts’ Europa League predictions really come into their own informing anyone interested in Europa League betting.

Finals being contested by sides from the same country have been a feature of the competition with Tottenham Hotspur and Wolverhampton Wanderers featuring in the first UEFA Cup final in 1971. We have also seen all Italian, all German and all Spanish match ups since then. Clubs from Spain have been particularly successful but the scope for anyone to come into contention in the Europa League betting markets is huge.

Make the most of the Europa League predictions and Europa League odds to make your bets and enjoy the tournament at Amazing.Bet.