Premier League Betting

If you want to make money out of your Premier League betting then keep reading because we can tell you the which markets to look out for and even a betting strategy to help you reap those healthy returns.

How to Choose the Best Betting Site to Bet on Premier League Football

It is always worth comparing the betting odds when it comes to your Premier League betting, as even if the prices seem to be very similar it is the small margins that make all the difference with your winnings.

But the good news is that there are other important factors to look out for to make sure you are choosing the best betting sites for your Premier league betting.

With the Premier League being such a huge attraction for any bookmaker there will always be plenty of promotions to take advantage of. This could be free bets when you first register with an online site – or offers such as enhanced odds every week. Making the most of your customer account is an excellent way to make money with your Premier League betting.

There is also the possibility of live streaming as well. Most sites that offer streaming of sports will allow you to watch the games as long as you have either placed a wager or simply have funds in your account. If the bookmaker offers Premier League streaming it means you can enjoy the thrill of the match as you wait for your bet to come in.

Premier League Betting Markets

  • Match Result – One of the most popular markets to go for when it comes to Premier League betting. Picking the winner of a match – or opting for the draw. You can sometimes get some very attractive odds on single game bets – and the Premier League seems to have more than its fair share of upsets.
  • Both Teams to Score – If you don’t fancy having to pick a winner then why not just go for both sides top find the net? You could get even better odds if you team it up with a match winner as well.
  • To Win to Nil – Shocks do happen, but there are some very good teams in the Premier League and that can sometimes mean some very one-sided games. You could put your money on this bet for the goalie to keep a clean sheet.
  • Total Goals – Another bet on Premier League football where it doesn’t matter who ends up winning the match. This wager is usually in the form of an over/under so just find the best betting odds.
  • First or Last Goa Scorer – There are some excellent strikers in the English game so you could have a bet on one of them to open the scoring in any given game. Or to keep the excitement going until the end of the match you could go for the last goal scorer instead.

Premier League Betting Specials

If you want to get away from the single game markets with your bet on Premier League football there is always a lot of specials to choose from. Most good betting sites will have a good choice here.

  • League Winner Without Liverpool or Manchester City – The Premier League has become something of a two horse race in recent seasons, so for a little bit more profit you could attempt to predict who would win the league if those two were not around. Essentially you are choosing who finishes third.
  • To Qualify for the Champions League – For some clubs it has seemed that finishing in the top four at the end of the season has been more important than actually winning the league. With all the money that comes with Champions League qualification that almost makes sense.
  • To Be Relegated – If making the Champions League brings in a lot of money then getting relegated takes away a whole lot more. The riches of the top flight are far bigger than in the Championship so there is that extra incentive not to finish in the bottom three. And you can bet on that market too.

Premier League Transfer Specials – The transfer windows only last for a month at the beginning of the season and in January – but there is always a lot of speculation throughout the campaign. This means that there are always some big name transfer rumours to decipher for these specials markets.

Premier League Betting Outrights

  • Premier League Winner – With the way Liverpool and Manchester City have been playing over the last few seasons the odds for the champions are not always as attractive as they used to be. But this is always a popular market.
  • Top Goal Scorer – This market is a little bit more competitive and the betting odds reflect that. Pick one of Mo Salah, Sergio Aguero or Harry Kane to end up with the most Premier League goals at the end of the season.

How to Bet on Premier League Football

It doesn’t really matter when you bet on the Premier League season but for most of the outright markets you will receive the best betting odds as early on in the campaign as you can. This means that you need to have a betting strategy in place.

But even if the season is well underway you can still use this betting strategy to make some money at the end of the year. Looking back through the history of the league it is important to take a close look at how teams perform in their first six games.

This doesn’t mean that if a side is top of the league after six games of the season that they will go on to win the league. Or, if a club is bottom of the table at the same time that it means that they will definitely get relegated. But you should be able to read a lot into what will happen from the opening two months.

If you are looking for the outright winner of the Premier League then it is very rare that a club will be outside the top four after the first six games. It has happened more recently but generally those at the top will stay there. The bottom of the table has the same deal going. If a team is in the bottom three after six games the chances of them going down are much bigger. It doesn’t matter how big the club is – if they are down there then, they are probably staying there.

Premier League Fixture Schedule and Dates

  • August 9th 2019 – Premier League Season kicks off
  • May 17th 2020 – Last day of the season

Premier League Betting FAQs

Should I bet on Leicester City to Win the Premier League? Probably not. Leicester famously won the 2015/16 title with some bookmakers offering betting odds of 5000/1 at the beginning of the season. The fact that they went on to lift the trophy meant pay outs totalling around £25 million. That was definitely a one off though as the big teams will usually claim the crown. It is also noticeable that even the rank outsiders are not offered anywhere near those odds these days either.

Can I use the same bookmaker I use for betting on the Championship? You can use the same online sports betting site if you want but we would always advise fans to use a number of betting sites. That way you take advantage of a number of different promotions and offers – as well as making sure that you find the most competitive odds.

Should I always bet on the favourite? We have said that it is more than likely that either Liverpool or Manchester City will win the league – and it is far more likely that the big four will win the majority of their games. But it does mean that you can get very attractive odds for that not to happen. Norwich City were 20/1 to beat Pep Guardiola’s side and were victorious. So it does sometimes happen.

Are the in-play markets worth a go? Yes. If you time your in-play – or live betting – well you can get some really good prices for your Premier league betting. The odds will change during the course of a match but if you have a feeling that the game will change soon then make that in-play bet and cash in.