We at Amazing.bet are a site dedicated to bringing you the best sports betting tips and advice. Whether you’re looking for football predictions or a guide to best online bookmakers, you’ll be able to find it right here.

We’ll hopefully be able to improve your betting experience with our sport bet tips and provide a guide to unearthing value. We’ll bring you sports betting tips and the best offers from Australian bookmakers.

Which Sports Will We Be Focusing On?

Here at Amazing.bet, we will be focusing on a number of sports throughout the year. The sporting calendar is always packed full of terrific events and our free tips will point you in the direction of boosting your betting balance.

Our Aussie tipsters will analyse each event, searching through statistics and data to suggest a sports bet that offers value. Our sports betting tips will include football, soccer, cricket and horse racing, with high- profile events including the Ashes and the World Cup 2018 all covered here at Amazing.bet.

If there are any best bets to be uncovered, we will find them!

The Importance of Following Trusted Betting Tips

The best way to become a betting pro is to follow trusted tipsters. Our free sports betting tips will be provided by our analysts, who have many years of experience in the industry.

All sports can be unpredictable and surprises are regularly thrown up; even the safest prediction can come unstuck with a change of momentum or unfortunate injury. It’s always advised to avoid rushing into placing any wager as that’s when mistakes can happen and profit quickly turns to loss. Football tips often greatly depend on team news or the current morale of a particular side and these are just some of the factors our sports bet footy tipping team will be taking into consideration before settling on their selections.

One common mistake of bettors is only placing wagers on the favourites or including all of the biggest clubs in one single bet. Our sports betting tips will be aiming to extract value and think outside the box when it comes to placing bets.

Amazing.bet’s Guide to the Basics of Sports Betting

Whether you’re new to the world of betting in Australia or you’ve had plenty of experience, there is always something to learn about this fascinating pastime. If you wish to make a regular profit and stand a chance of selecting regular winning wagers, it is vitally important to know your way around betting odds, markets and how to stake accordingly. Our guide will help you understand the basics of sports betting.

Odds – These are set by the traders working at each bookmaker according to the likelihood of a particular event occurring. These will be displayed in decimal form, such as 1.62 or 3.00. If you placed $10 on a team to win the soccer World Cup at odds of 4.00, you’ll receive $40 (including your initial stake) if they are successful. Simply multiply the odds (4.00) by your stake to calculate the total return.

Different Types of Wager – There are many different types of wager, including a Single (1 x bet – as explained in the ‘odds’ explanation), Double (2 x selections), Accumulators (This applies to any wager which includes four selections or more).

These sports bets require all selections to win in order to secure a return. There are a number of other multiple bets, including Lucky 15 and Yankee, which will secure some form of return even if one selection lets you down. Many sports betting tips sites will offer a range of these depending on the event.

Different Types of Market – Once again, there are hundreds of markets available with sportsbooks in Australia on each and every event. These can range from over/under on total goals/tries to top bowler in the cricket. It takes time and dedication to get your head around all of these markets but here at Amazing.bet, we’ll help point you in the right direction

Knowing the Vocabulary of Sport is Vitally Important

Before placing any kind of sports bet, it’s always advised to get to grips with the vocabulary of each sporting event. Better decisions can be made ahead of placing wagers if you are familiar with the format of the competition.

Knowing whether a side have already qualified for the knockout stages of the World Cup (they may rest players for the next round), or whether they only require a point to progress, can steer you in the right direction of a winning bet. Our sports betting tips will be taking all of this into consideration.

Knowing the significance of a batting order in the cricket or the fact a player has eagled a particular hole in a major golf tournament all help punters make informed decisions before placing their hard earned cash on a particular selection.

Setting a Realistic Goal is Imperative

Here at Amazing.bet, we cannot stress enough the importance of expectation. If you are new to placing wagers and sports bet tips, don’t expect to be significantly richer by the end of the week! You aren’t going to make thousands of dollars instantly. Sports betting is about slow and steady profit over a long period of time. Even the most meticulously calculated sports betting tips come with an element of risk so don’t put down a deposit on a sports car when your first winning wager lands!

Stick to What You Know

You won’t find a cricket expert giving out football tips, or vice versa, so why would place a wager on a sport you don’t have much knowledge on. There are thousands of daily events in which you can place a bet in Australia but it doesn’t mean you have to!

Our advice at Amazing.bet is to remain tidy, organised and sensible when it comes to choosing events. Only place a wager if you are familiar with the teams involved or you’ve been following the progress of the event or tournament (for example, World Cup 2018).

Always Have a Budget

Make sure you set yourself a budget and don’t go over it! If you can only afford to spend $30 a month on betting, don’t be tempted to deposit a further $30 into your betting account if you lose this in the first seven days. You won’t make a profit if you keep spending beyond your means.

Get to Know Each Online Sportsbook

Our sports betting tips will usually recommend the best price available; however, each punter will have their own preference when it comes to the offerings of various online sportsbooks. There are many bookmakers available throughout Australia and you’ll be able to compare all of the welcome offers and bonuses. You should also get to know which companies have the largest variety of markets for each sport and whether they are priced up quickly and efficiently. Other things to take into consideration include the speed of payout and ease of navigation.

Know the Odds and Whether They Represent Value

You should always have an idea of the expected odds before visiting an online sportsbook. You may sometimes be surprised and occasionally disappointed. Often the best bets are uncovered based on the value they represent and this is achieved by finding the percentage of an outcome and seeing whether it tallies with the price offered.

If you work out the probability of an outcome being high but the odds are 3.00, it sounds like a wager worth taking. Don’t place a bet if it doesn’t hold any value. Some punters believe that sports bet tipping is about finding a team/player underestimated by the bookmaker as opposed to picking winner after winner.

Always Follow Your Own Betting Strategies

There is no right or wrong strategy! Often you can learn techniques from absorbing small pieces of advice from fellow punters or following the sports betting tips provided by the experts. No system is 100% foolproof but if you can make a profit using a strategy that suits you and fits in with your existing lifestyle and budget, it can be very profitable in the long term.

Trial and error is the key. Our Aussie tipsters have explored a number of different methods over the years and some have been successful with others less profitable. Never settle on the first system you come across.

Always Track Your Bets

The only way to learn from your mistakes and successes is to keep track of every single wager. Maintaining profit is difficult but keeping a spreadsheet of each bet is highly recommended and you will be able to reflect on your best/worst wagers of the season.

It’s very easy to lose track of bets if you’re placing 20 wagers a day so if you are a serial punter, make sure you note down every single bet.